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Change your life and become a non-smoker

Change Your Life

Change your life and become a non-smoker using hypnotherapy, combined with CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and NLP.

Many therapists use one of these techniques alone and are very often successful, but as an integrative therapist I combine all three, plus a little willpower from you, making your chances of success even greater.

It is the combination of these techniques that have proven to be such a successful method to stop smoking with no pain and no side effects … and certainly no patches, gums, inhalers, tablets or e-cigarettes.

Stop in Just 2 Hours

Irrespective of your age, the amount you smoke, previous attempts to stop or your length of time as a smoker, you can change the whole way you look at the habit – take control – and beat it once and for all.

After all said and done, smoking was never a natural or necessary part of your life anyway. Can you imagine how it will feel to walk out of my office, after just two hours, with your head held high as a genuine non-smoker? You could make that call today and set yourself free from a prison that has held you for far too long.


Take control and end the habit in just 2 hours

Very Experienced In Helping You

I have been helping people to stop smoking for more years than I care to remember now, so you can be assured that you will be joining a huge number of people who are now happier, healthier and wealthier as a result of their decision to beat this habit and to leave it completely in the past.

Price & Guarantee

I fully expect that you will stop smoking in a single two hour session. Total cost is just £175. If, in the unlikely event you were to relapse you will be entitled to a free no quibble booster session for a whole year … guaranteed.


I am a full-time psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and counsellor who has been providing hypnotherapy, hypnosis, counselling, psychotherapy and CBT in Horsham and Crawley for over a decade

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