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Pain is the mind/body’s way of bringing our attention to something that may be wrong, so it is absolutely essential that anyone considering hypnotherapy for support in managing a chronic pain condition has had a full medical assessment before seeking hypnotherapy treatment.

Pain fibres

There are two key categories of pain – acute pain and chronic pain. Acute being a sudden onset of pain typically experienced at the time the injury itself takes place, and chronic pain which is an on-going pain that has been experienced for some time.

Pain messages from the body are transmitted to the brain through receptors located at various locations within the body; these receptors then send impulses through the nerves, then into the spinal cord before reaching the brain. Acute pain messages are transmitted through A-fibres which are very wide and ensure that the pain is felt immediately. Chronic pain messages are sent via C-fibres, which are slower but more constant. The discomfort experienced through C-fibre pain may often be described as ‘aching, throbbing, deep, sore, tender, numb, dull or tingly.’


The brain itself is a receptor for pain felt in the body, but cannot feel its own pain. You would, in effect, need a second brain to do this

Amazing, but true

Whilst there are pain receptors in the layers of tissue that form a protective shield between the skull and brain, the brain itself cannot feel pain. This is because the brain has no pain receptors of its own and explains why a neurosurgeon can, and often does, perform an operation on a brain tumour whilst the patient is awake. So, the brain itself is a receptor for pain felt in the body, but cannot feel its own pain. You would, in effect, need a second brain to do this.

Doesn’t it make sense?

Because physical pain problems are kept in our minds, it makes sense to direct any adjustment to work where the problem lies and where it is presently maintained. In just the same way that people have different pain thresholds, people get varying levels of pain relief from hypnotherapy, but the use of hypnosis can, for many, be an extremely powerful tool to help relieve chronic pain conditions and live a more comfortable life.

Powerful tools

When somebody has been experiencing pain for any length of time, the surrounding tissue and muscles will tense and tighten in order to attempt to protect the affected area. As a first step I usually use deep body and mind relaxation hypnotherapy to reduce this tension in and around the affected area. Very often, this in itself can have an immediate pain reducing effect. Thereafter, using hypnosis, you will be taught a wide range of different tools, techniques and visualisations to alter the brain’s perception of the pain message. In addition, you will also be taught self-hypnosis and Mindfulness, so as you can continue to utilise the benefits after treatment and manage the pain in your daily life.


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