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It may seem like a long time ago

The foundation

In the same way that a building stands on a foundation, we as human beings stand on the foundation of our childhood. Like it or not, that is the foundation that we all stand on. No matter whether our childhood was idyllic, average or awful, we all have experienced difficult events and strong emotions that might have been upsetting, confusing, or frightening at the time.

It is during these formative years that we develop many of our beliefs about ourselves, other people and the world that we live in. We also develop coping strategies, avoidance mechanisms and coping strategies to try and deal with these feelings and emotions that are so new and so perplexing.

Faulty beliefs

To a large extent these childhood beliefs, avoidance and coping mechanisms stay in-place in our adult life, sometimes in a slightly different manner, but with a strong basis from where they originated. Because they were produced as a result of the circumstances and feelings that we had when we were immature, many of the beliefs were faulty beliefs – understandable beliefs for a child to have perhaps, but not beliefs that an adult would necessarily have. In the same way, many of the coping mechanisms and avoidance strategies may have been fitting for a child, but highly inappropriate for an adult.


To a large extent, these childhood beliefs, avoidance and coping mechanisms stay in-place in our adult life

Repressed emotion

These childhood events don’t have to be horrific. Something that an adult might find mildly unpleasant can be emotionally horrendous for a child, causing the mind to repress the emotion. Because of this, the feeling attached to the childhood event remains in adulthood, lurking in the subconscious, giving rise to a wide range of symptoms such as lack of confidence, low self-esteem, low self-worth, shyness, general anxiety states, sexual anxiety, anger, guilt, as well as many fears & phobias.

Release and change .. naturally

Whilst, of course, we cannot change any event that happened in our childhood, through an advanced form of analytical hypnotherapy, we can release repressed emotions and allow you to examine the beliefs and coping/avoidance strategies that you formed as a child and replace them with more appropriate adult beliefs and ways of being.

Using very natural, analytical therapeutic methods, I will provide a safe, private, caring and trusting environment designed to enable you, in your own way and time, to get in-touch with ‘unfinished business’ from your formative years and to slowly release those old repressed bottled up emotions that have been weighing you down and affecting your life, in so many ways, for so long.


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