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Feelings of sheer terror

You weren’t born with it

It is said that humans are born with only two fears; loud noises and falling. The remaining fears are as result of learned behaviour. Quite simply, you were not born with these fears or phobias – you learnt them.

The speed of the brain

Phobias are an example of how amazingly fast the brain learns a new behaviour. Often it takes just one experience for the unconscious mind to construe events into something that is so terrifying that, from that moment on, it has to be avoided at all costs.

So, at some point in the past (very often in childhood) it is likely that your subconscious mind has decided that there are compelling reasons to protect you from the object of your fear.


The common denominator with all fears and phobias is a feeling of being out of control

The fight or flight response

You may well be confused by the fear or phobia that you suffer from. You may understand that your fear is unreasonable or irrational, yet you still cannot change your feelings, so you feel powerless to change how you react because the terror is automatic and overwhelming

Consciously deciding to no longer be afraid is not an option. Once a phobia is established, the mind switches to the automatic fight or flight response which is a reaction from the subconscious. Often just thinking about the object of the phobia can make you highly anxious. The common denominator with all fears and phobias is a feeling of being out of control.

Breaking the association

It really doesn’t matter whether you have been suffering with the phobia for 1 year or 40 years, or whether the phobia is of something common, or something very unusual. The reason why Hypnotherapy and NLP are so successful in the treatment of these reactions is because phobias reside hidden away in the unconscious part of our minds, and it is the unconscious part of the mind that can help to identify the often very trivial, hidden root cause and emotions of the phobia.

This in-turn breaks the association and the faulty beliefs and coping mechanisms that were put in-place at that time, leaving you feeling completely different when face-to-face with the previously terrifying stimulus.


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