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Inside and out

Are some people born with self-confidence? No, you acquire it. And thank goodness for that; because it means that having greater confidence really is within your reach. But, let’s not confuse confidence with arrogance or over assertiveness because people like that are usually using that arrogance or over assertiveness to conceal a distinct lack of self-confidence anyway. No, what I mean by confidence is a very natural you, who is clearly comfortable in your own skin, comfortable at being you, your authentic natural self.

You are confident, you just don’t think about it

What I do know is that despite what you might think, you are actually confident. But you have been focusing your thoughts on things that you are not confident with, be it talking to new people, learning something new, speaking up at a meeting, giving a presentation etc.

Just for a moment, stop and think about something that you are confident at, it doesn’t matter what it is – maybe tying a shoelace, crossing a road, sending an email – you can now recognise the great truth that you are confident, at least at some things.


You can really get to know, understand and celebrate being you as you have never done before

But you were not born confident in doing any of those things – you learnt to tie a shoelace – you learnt to cross a road – you learnt to send an email. And then you practiced until you became confident. Action came before confidence, then, after a while, you became confident. And it is this inner programme for confidence – which you already have – that we can use to reproduce into other areas of your life where you may currently lack confidence.

See the positive changes

I absolutely love helping people with confidence issues because as the weeks go by I can actually see the positive changes in people’s demeanour, speech, body language and actions. People can literally transform before my eyes!

Release previously dormant inner strengths

Using an integration of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Counselling & NLP, plus, based on evolutionary psychology, the most fascinating and revealing personality assessment, you can really get to know, understand and celebrate being you as you have never done before; to understand what you are really capable of, to really recognise and appreciate inner strengths, resources and capabilities that, until now, may have lain dormant inside you, giving you a whole new sense of freedom to enjoy your life.


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