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A tiresome condition

Body operating in a near exhaustive state

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), also called Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome & Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) is characterised by prolonged severe fatigue, often with a wide range of accompanying symptoms, including muscle pain, dizziness, skin problems, headaches, sleep disturbance, concentration problems, anxiety and depression.

CFS has a number of levels from milder to severe which determines the sufferer’s ability to function on a daily basis (or an inability to function in the more severe levels). Because the body is operating in a near exhaustion state, any small trigger such as stress, worry, anxiety, change, minor illness etc. can ‘tip you over the edge’ into a state of complete mind and body exhaustion.

Does anyone understand?

Not only does the sufferer have to attempt to function with this debilitating condition; family, friends, work associates and frequently even doctors really don’t understand what is happening and just don’t know how to help, thus creating an ‘all in the mind’ stigma.


The path to recovery is completely unique to you

Sleep is not restorative

My knowledge and experience of working with people with CFS/ME has made it possible for me to observe a very interesting collection of similar personality traits, thinking, behavioural and coping styles in sufferers of this condition.

To an extent, it is these patterns that keep the condition in place through the overloading of the central nervous and immune systems with a continual barrage of highly anxious and stressful thought patterns, even whilst you sleep; that is why sleep is not restorative in the usual way.

The mind and body connection

Whilst there are certainly a range of very similar personality traits and thinking/behavioural styles with CFS/ME sufferers, it is also an extremely individual condition; your particular version is most unlikely to be the same as anyone else’s in all its respects. Treatment must therefore be deeply personal and relevant to you.

The path to your recovery is completely unique to you. Together, we will delve into your mental and emotional beliefs, behaviours, and thinking styles which, through the mind-body connection, are stored within the body. Together, we will work with hypnotherapy, counselling, psychotherapy, mindfulness and NLP to help you restore yourself to optimum health.


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