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Psychotherapy is commonly used for psychological problems that have had a number of years to accumulate, rather than a one off problem.

The psychotherapeutic approach tends to be much more interactive than counselling and seeks to look into deeper more fundamental and long-standing issues. It can sometimes take a little longer than counselling but tends to work more at root cause levels.

There are many different types of psychotherapy and the types used will depend on your personal needs. Whilst we spend a reasonable amount of time talking, the variants of psychotherapy that I use are often very interactive and can be quite illuminating and dynamic, often using a range of diverse processes to help you understand and change.

In addition to talking, these may include personality assessments, metaphor, evolutionary psychology, dynamic exercises, cognitive therapy, hypnoanalysis, art and visualisation.


Psychotherapy is particularly useful where somebody experiences repeating self-defeating patterns of thinking and behaviour

Repeating patterns

Psychotherapy is particularly useful where somebody experiences repeating self-defeating patterns of thinking and behaviour which they find unable to break. As a result, we find ourselves in similar distressing or painful situations time and time again, even though we know they are not good for us. For example, we might find ourselves with recurring patterns in our relationships where we always feel criticised, controlled, inferior, scared of losing our partner, distrusting, driving our partner away etc.

Psychotherapy is also often used with presenting problems which are a little vague but persistent, such as feeling that life has no meaning – feeling like we don’t belong – feeling unfulfilled – feeling self-conscious and inferior – allowing people to take advantage – feeling that you cannot cope well by yourself – regularly feeling that something bad is going to happen – everything seems to be your fault – perfectionist tendencies, but never feeling that you meet high enough standards.

Healthier alternatives

One of the reasons that these thinking behaviours persist and are so resistant to change is because they are so deeply rooted and logic usually fails to change them. These negative thought and behaviour patterns are usually developed early in life. Through a series of dynamic psychological exercises we can identify their origin, why they were established in the first place, and then discover new, healthier alternatives to replace them.
Psychotherapy can be very effective even when other therapy and efforts that you might have tried in the past have been only partially beneficial or unsuccessful.

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