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A safe place to talk

A great release

It can be a great release to talk and share your worries, fears and anxieties – to be able to talk openly about your feelings and emotions with somebody who can really listen and understand. People come to counselling for help because they might have current troubles, doubts, fears, difficulties, frustrations and concerns that are troubling them.

To talk openly

My aim is to provide a safe, warm, relaxed, tranquil and impartial environment which will enable you to talk openly about your feelings, emotions and thought processes. When working with you I am not interested in diagnosing or labelling you and I will never ever judge you.

Whilst it is likely that I will have worked with similar issues to yours in the past, your problem will have an individual element – your particular version is most unlikely to be the same as anyone else’s in all its respects.


I endeavour to really understand how you are feeling – to ‘look out of your window’ to see and feel things as you do

Unravel things

In counselling we tend to look at the issues in the ‘here and now’. I work in a friendly, modern, contemporary and down-to-earth way; integrating modern and classic counselling therapy approaches to find the best way forward for each unique client. I endeavour to really understand how you are feeling – to ‘look out of your window’ to see and feel things as you do.

I would not seek to tell you what you should do, nor will I try and persuade you, but I endeavour to help you unravel things, and sometimes see things from a fresh perspective. Helping you to perhaps look at situations from different angles – helping you to make sense of your feelings and emotions, and maybe to understand yourself and others better.

The other side

My aim is to help you to explore and navigate your way through whatever difficulties you are experiencing, so that eventually you can come out the other side feeling more positive and able to come to whatever conclusion/action is correct for you and to then find the inner strength to work towards that solution. Of course, some problem situations are simply more unmanageable than others, and sometimes the problem cannot be ‘solved’ as such. We cannot always solve everything. But counselling can help you review the problems in a different way and to help you understand, accept, manage and cope with the feelings and emotions that you are experiencing.

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