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It is just a thought

The meaning you give

Although we may not recognise it, every thought we have, however fleeting, indisputably affects how we feel and what we do. CBT works on the principle that very often it is not the event which causes our emotions, but how we interpret that event. It is what we think, what meaning we give that event that will determine our feelings, and ultimately, our behaviour.

So, the concept at the heart of CBT is that your thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and actions are interconnected and that destructive thoughts and feelings can snare you into a vicious cycle.

Amending the patterns

The aim is to help you to disrupt this cycle by breaking down overwhelming difficulties into smaller parts and then showing you how to amend these negative patterns to improve the way you feel and to provide you with new ways of understanding and thinking about issues which primarily revolve around anxiety. When you have a better perception of how the anxiety works, you can start to take steps to control it more effectively.

Getting in control

Through CBT sessions, you will be learning a new set of skills to manage your symptoms. Learning new ways of thinking and behaving that can really help you to get in control of anxiety, helping you to think in a more realistic and balanced way, and as a result, being able to approach situations with a different mind-set.


Learning new ways of thinking and behaving that can help you to really get in control of anxiety

Do it yourself

CBT therapy is very active by nature, and practice is a key component of CBT. It involves using, in your daily life, the skills that you are learning – and learning any new skill takes effort, time, and patience. So, you will need to commit yourself fully to the process, as the effort that you put in outside of your sessions will have a considerable bearing on the results.

The ultimate intention of the therapy is to educate you to utilise the skills which you have learnt during treatment, to get you to the point where you can do it yourself in your daily life.

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