Do you know your right from your left?

What’s the difference?

shutterstock_230895178The brain is split into two fairly equal hemispheres – left and right. Much of the time, these two sides work in harmony, but like two wrestling siblings, they can sometimes get into conflict with each other. The left brain is the more analytical, logical, thinking side, whilst the right is the more creative, feeling and emotional side. It can be argued that, particularly in the western world, we overuse the left analytical side, and underuse the right creative side.

The right side is where many of our gut feelings come from. Gut feelings that are so often correct, and yet we use our left analytical brain to come up with a justified, logical reason as to ‘why’ we feel this way. The reality is, that there is very often no logical reason as to why; but how many times have we found ourselves after the event saying “I knew it, I had a feeling that this was going to turn out like this!” Certainly, when using hypnosis, much of the work is directed at the right hemisphere, the emotional and creative side.

Good news and bad news

And whilst we are on the subject of brains – who has the bigger brain – men or women? Good news guys, a male brain is, on average, 10% bigger than the female. But brace yourself for the bad news gents; although it is true that women’s brains are smaller, they have more neural pathways and nerve cells, and a female brain works more effectively than a man’s (Dammit!). Females also tend to process more on the right side of their brain, hence they are more in-touch with their feelings and emotions. So, if we guys started using our left brain a bit more, maybe we could overtake the girls?

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