I’m glad that you are here!

First things first, I am a human being – a down to earth human being, with a fascination of the human mind. Over the last decade I have helped thousands of people with a wide range of issues. My on-going mission is simple – ‘to make every effort to ensure that I am one of the leading therapists in the South East’. I have trained and studied with some of worlds leading trainers and specialists in the fields of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, CBT and counselling and I have a lifelong commitment to learning. Through extensive continual professional development, course attendance, reading, and studying, my intention is to ensure that my knowledge, skills and expertise continue to expand year on year.

But, beyond the science of the profession that I am so proud to be in, there is an art to it as well. And that comes in the form of the therapeutic connection between the two of us. You will find me easy to talk to, down to earth, but highly professional at all times – I will bring my personality, professional experience and life experience into our work together. I believe it all matters. I am a full time therapist working from the most beautiful office and surroundings at The Roffey Park Institute situated between Crawley and Horsham in West Sussex.  I will work with you in a very intuitive way, it is my view that the best therapists go deeper than just standard techniques and easy answers.

Whilst I obviously cannot make any guarantees, you will find me fully committed to doing whatever I can to help you to achieve the changes that you want. With most issues, my objective is not to help you suffer better, but to resolve the issue. It is immensely rewarding for me to know that I have been able to help someone make change in their life.

If we work together, you can be assured that I will treat you professionally and with care, integrity and respect. I may sometimes challenge you, and I may sometimes push you to tiptoe outside of your comfort zone, and I will always be honest with you. You will get 100% of my commitment and energy – that’s a promise.

Image of Mark Reader

My mission is to make every effort to ensure that I am one of the leading therapists in the Horsham, Crawley and surrounding areas within the South East

As a Fellow of the Association for Professional Hypnosis & Psychotherapy (APHP) and a full member of the National Register of Psychotherapists & Counsellors (NRPC) I abide by their codes of ethics at all times.

I am also an Approved and Registered Superviser and Mentor of other APHP registered therapists (SAPHP.

Thank you for finding out a little about me. I hope that I can soon find out a little about you.